Increase the surface hardness

"Boronizing" is a new process in mechanical processing industry, it can improve part’s surface hardness and wear resistance, oxidation Cable Glands Factory resistance. In the electronics industry, some of boride compounds in boron series are insulating materials, and some borides are good conductive materials, having the properties of semiconductors, and electron emission properties, can be used to manufacture various electronic element, device, used as the ignition tube of ignition electrode, telecommunications equipment, capacitors, semiconductors admixtures, high frequency electric and plasma arc insulator, radar delivery window, etc. In the defense industry, boron compounds can be used as high-energy jet fuel and rocket fuel. Boron-containing detergent has hair-protection, strong detergency, no pollution and other properties. Isotope boron with strong neutron absorption ability, so boride is used as control rods and shield material in nuclear reactor regulator. Boron ore is a widely used chemical mineral, can burn with the compounds of hydrogen, lithium, beryllium and so on, is a kind of high-energy jet fuel. 0. Amorphous boron powder at high temperatures can burn in the air, produce red flame; also can react with halogens, nitrogen and metals, forming boron halides, boron nitride and metal boride, but does not directly interact with the hydrogen. Boron is also used for manufacturing enamel, glaze and so on. Crystal boron is hard and brittle solid with black to silver metallic luster. In the chemical industry, borax, boric acid can be used as soaps, detergents and other household chemical products, additives. In the metallurgical industry, borax has the ability to melt metal oxides, used for a metallurgical . Boron at high temperatures can react with the oxygen and nitrogen, commonly used for degassing agent.Amorphous boron powder is a kind of powder that the color from dark brown to black. Adding boron to plastic will have radiation performance. Boron and boron compounds are widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, optical glass, defense, nuclear, pharmaceutical, rubber and light industry.001-0. Boron’s chemical property depends on its physical state, amorphous boron can slowly oxidize in the air even at room temperature, and the crystal boron is stable even heated, only can slowly react with strong oxidant. Boron and cobalt, titanium, nickel and the like can be made of cermet. According to metal powder supplier, boron is also extensively used for glass, ceramic industry, manufacturing high-quality heat-resistant borosilicate glass, glass fibers, optical lens, insulation material and fiberglass. In addition, boron is also used as a preservative, solder for manufacturing superhard abrasive.005% boron to the steel can improve the high temperature strength, refine the steel grain, improved hardenability. Boron carbide used for manufacturing jet blades and cermet. Colemanite can be instead of fluorite used in alkaline oxidation converter steelmaking. Copper alloy with traces boron can increase its conductivity.003% boron added to the malleable iron, can shorten the treatment time, refine the graphite, distributed evenly.001-0. Boron conductivity was increasing with the temperature increased. After steel surfaces boronizing, can significantly increase the surface hardness, also improve the chemical stability. Plus 0. Boron nitride is a ultra-high temperature, super-hard material, for manufacturing rocket nozzles. In the machinery industry, boron is used in grinding, drilling and polishing hard metal, precious stones and other hard materials. Certain borides can also be made of good reducing agents, catalysts, bromide, etc.