How long it can be delayed

By defaulting on their debts, they would unburden themselves from their financial obligations, clearing the way to begin rebuilding. "On March 20th Greece needs to come up with $14. As seen on BBC and CNN, massive austerity measures have been imposed on the populations of many of these troubled nations, to bring in more revenues while cutting expenses." Much of Leeds' penny stock research involves macro-economic analysis, because global events will impact stocks and penny stocks here at home. He claims that knowing which events will increase prices of specific penny stock shares, or be beneficial to specific penny stock business types, can be very profitable. With subscribers from six continents, and dozens of countries world wide, Peter Leeds penny stocks is the leading newsletter focused specifically on penny stocks. He has spoken before the American Stock Exchange, written for Forbes, and been featured by top media. Their penny stocks newsletter, at pennystocks. He has also led penny stock panels at Manhattan's prestigious Arch Investment Conferences and the International Money, features fundamentally solid penny stocks, which are expected to increase in value.4 billion dollars to pay back bond holders. Leeds also suggests that leaving the Euro behind, and returning to their former currency would be beneficial to most of these nations in fiscal trouble. The most important aspect of penny stock research is derived from predicting how world issues will impact penny stocks and penny stock industry sectors. The European Union is coming very close to fragmenting, according to Peter Leeds, author of "Invest in Penny Stocks," leading speaker on the best penny stocks and stock market tactics, and publisher of the world famous Peter Leeds penny stock newsletter. "Every day, the debt problems get worse," adds Leeds. Leeds cites debts that mathematically can not be paid, spreading European economic weakness, and punishing austerity measures as triggers to induce several of the 27 member nations to return to their endemic currencies. Spain is in even worse shape, with $1. Italy has a debt of $2 trillion but a GDP of only $1. New property taxes, raising the retirement age, and fewer deductions are just some of the new tactics being imposed on the people that have now led to massive nationwide strikes, protests and marches, and even riots. About the World Famous Penny Stock Newsletter: The Peter Leeds penny stocks team never take compensation from the penny stocks they analyze, and has no conflict of interest with the penny stocks they profile. "These debts can not be paid," says Leeds.9 trillion in debt, and a GDP of $700 billion..4 billion they don't have.. Maybe six months, maybe two years, but the day of reckoning is approaching. "There is no way to get out of this mess, so it's China Conduit Elbows Factory just a matter of how long it can be delayed. According to the BBC, Greece has a debt of $400 billion but a GDP of only $200 billion.Raleigh, NC (prHWY. that's $14. About Peter Leeds: The leading speaker on penny stocks to buy and speculative stock market investments, Leeds is also the author of "Invest in Penny Stocks," and editor or the world famous Peter Leeds penny stocks newsletter.